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Bibi, Niish, and JJ gather at the table, upon which sits The Cauldron. As the outer reality gets blurrier and shakier, these conversations gain deeper coherency and significance. For those who are drawn, here is refuge. Bibi Niish JJ
Stirring The Cauldron In The Age of ?!?   Three Soul Sisters Bibi, Niish, and JJ commune at The Table, and stir The Cauldron Bibi: The Bibi Blog / On YouTube JJ: On Twitter / On Instagram Niish: On Twitter / On YouTube *********************************************************************** RESOURCES FOR ENERGY CLEARING: Jim Self at Long White Cloud Qigong… Everything Thomas Sheridan…
The Cauldron Is On The Table Conversation Five GO TO THE PODCAST
I haven’t posted here for over a month, and there’s a reason I’ve been absent! The short video (3:33) will fill you in. I’m grateful to have had my experiences in Los Angeles. I learned soul chanelling, and made friends with the Crystals and Elementals… The following is from 2015: You are now remembering your
Snippets from YouTube The Fierce Mahadevi Khrodikali Shakti Has The Last Laugh  niish11 hours agoThere are very strange background noises throughout this…. lol. They sound almost demonic. Uffta. I love ya’ll so much, thank you for these moments. <3 REPLYThe Bibi Blog 28 minutes ago  Truly poppity noises! I took out a huge amount, but any

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