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2 Comments on “Those Crazy Tones Again

December 12, 2018 at 10:37 AM

WOW Bibi!

Somehow it is creepy and not at the same time. I often find myself in a state of trance when I’m making sounds for my videos but nothing like that has ever happened to me from the tones (that I am aware of). I should say that I deal with tones a lot and they are changing recently β€” like the stuff we encounter when getting our hearing tested (I am in WA state where the navy is, on record, testing all this stuff, so who knows).

I recall once my now ex-husband was on his way home (where I was waiting) and stopped to get gas when he lost time — he was very much disoriented by the experience, of course, and as a young attorney he was hardly in the mind set of all this stuff we are into, so the focus for him was on his health rather than other possibilities, but I always knew it was something other (we were kind of like Dharma & Greg… that show couple from the 90s, or better yet, Sam and Darin) about it. I bet he wonders about that now with new eyes. ha.

The thing that really was disturbing for me was the phone wipe that left only that tone wave behind.

I loved reading this account — Loving your blog. <3


December 24, 2018 at 1:25 AM

I love you Niish!!!! Big apologies to you as well – right after you left your comment, my site went down. It has been on-and-off-again intil today (12-24-18), and I’m only just now seeing this. Right now, there are sooo many ‘things’ upon my mind, that thinking about these tones makes me dizzy (well, more than usual). Yes. It is shifting and moving furiously. <3<3<3 Bibi P.S. The Dharma/Greg thing? Know it well πŸ™‚

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