Blow Your Mind: The Wizard Who Lives Inside My Crystal

The Wizard comes through for me again and again.

Blow Your Mind The Wizard Who Lives Inside My CrystalThere is a wizard who resides in my Nuummite Power Wand.  First of all, I’ll relate a recent experience to illustrate my point. I have lately found myself wondering if I should turn my focus and attention away from my Nuummite Obsession. As a photographer, there is a vast and varied world of subjects to draw from. Yet again and again I go to photographing crystals, stones, and hummingbirds.

One night a couple of months ago (January, 2017), I was immersed in photographing my Power Wand, as I am often drawn to it. On this night, I caught a flash of brilliant movement while looking through the lens before I’d snapped the shutter. The crystal revelations usually occur after taking the photos, while opening them for a first look on my computer.

As a result, I followed the moving light, and the camera captured many Beings of The Nuummite Tribe. 

It Was The Wizard who first caught my eye. As he guided me, I became privy to the fact that my Nuummite crystals are vibrantly conscious and self-aware. One playful younger Being told me, “You call him The Wizard, but he’s known to The Tribe as The Alchemist”.

The Wizard shows me over and over again, that I am able to receive The Tribe’s messages. The key is maintaining openness and receptivity. If you ask me how this happens, I can’t fully describe the process because our modern human language and syntax are just so clunky and linear. What I can say is that I receive an almost instantaneous knowing while a message transmits.

These messages are always pointing to the inner path.

I used to think I was the main target. The Wizard set me straight recently. I was given to understand that this ability to communicate with The Tribe is an ongoing development set in motion by the huge shift in frequencies on the 12-12-12 (December 12, 2012). I am only one of many human beings who are discovering – and remembering – the wondrous nature of our so-called ‘everyday reality’.

Finally, The Wizard has given his ‘thumbs up’ to my sharing the messages.

Most noteworthy, is that this is what The Nuummite Tribe and all of The Stone Beings wish. These Earth Elementals are re-establishing the exquisite interplay they used to enjoy with Humanity. This was before The Fall of Consciousness. It is our responsibility to respond to their offer of Love.

Soon, I’m going to begin sharing their messages here.

The Time Is Now And Now Is The Time!

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