Christmas Chai-Choos

by Occult Fan

bright eyes and wisdom

belie eternal lessons

that cannot be taught


first picture of you

maiden and muse to lure

ocean to the moon


child’s toy lantern

play of shimmering diamond

sparkles the water


am I tricksy fox?

or foxy trickster? DELIGHT!

all life is a dance!


wild traveler

high priestess who sees beyond

walls that fools do build


kind and so aware

when time shall come to have passed

from Ma’at will rise


no broken machine –

care to hear my Samwise voice?

-nods the head three times-


Hey! I’m walkin’ here!

no time to worry right now

too busy building!


I fell off flat earth

now let’s watch tentacle porn

it’s my pet chemtrail


daughter of the earth

in my smile the wild wood

know what lies below


my looks may deceive

though easy, to real eyes that see

I am made of light


darkness is my dance

in my shadows I entwine

I’ll take you under


I carry deep within

the nurturing wisdom of

ten thousand mothers


space is an altar

archetypes play the lyre

shine on, secret sun


her loving guidance

big sister does take my hand

teaches me deep strength