It began when my beloved Franklin died a month ago, and went into full swing when I was fired via a text message last Saturday.

I am really very tired, otherwise I would write a proper account. I will just report the basic bullet points, and continue to explore the deeper ramifications of the smear campaign I reported about in my last post as soon as I gather the guts and strength.

  • As I wrote a few weeks ago, my beloved Elder Shih Tzu Franklin made his transition on May 6.
  • At the end of May, I returned to LA and found a raging global controversy tearing apart  the alternative/truth/consciousness community that I have grown to love over these last several years.
  • This last Saturday, I received a text message from the person who hired me a year ago to help run the website of her husband’s spiritual business. The text message told me that I had been let go.

That is the beginning.

The launching off point for where this is going is not meant to be continued tonight.

Oh, but it will be continued.

Change on every level has commenced to rip through my world and it smells like caustic chemical waste products.

I was sucker punched.

No reason was given. I know it was assumed that we couldn’t continue due to different beliefs. It was a false assumption on the part of the others, and I intend to elaborate in my next post, but only as necessary in order to tell the story that has arrived at my front gate. I was summarily dismissed without the opportunity of a grownup conversation. I had requested one, and that was denied me. It sucks; however, my dismay and perfectly understandable feelings of being not only disrespected, but dishonored and held in contempt are like a mosquito bite compared to what others are going through.

What is most disturbing to me is knowing that these folks very quickly bought into Dark Journalist’s ugly accusations   about Corey Goode and his circle being infiltrated by satanic energy. To them, I am guilty by association. I am reminded of the Salem Witch Trial, and I have to admit that because I’m Jewish, I’m tuning in to the energies of hysteria, hatred, and false accusation that simmered and boiled into a dank and disgusting broth that people were imbibing in and around Berlin in the nineteen thirties. I am speaking of the smear campaign that Daniel Liszt, Captain of the Dark Journalist YouTube channel, is piloting at this time. I’ve attempted to communicate with him, but he can’t hear me. All I want is a reasonable and civil conversation where one can agree to disagree.I’m convinced that Daniel Liszt believes that he is correct and right to do this, and that he sees this as his mission to stop the spread of evil in our world. Oh yes, it has got quite ridiculously out of hand.

I believe I’m experiencing blatant bigotry and racism in full force. I ask, “Are they anti-Semitic???” Those getting swept up in the story are unfortunately sufficiently gullible enough to assume without any questioning whatsoever. Not doing what we all need to be doing. Constantly. Verify.  Check your facts. Ask questions.

The most offensive crime in this whole thing as far as I’m concerned is the crime of accepting as truth accusations made by others based only on one’s ‘intuition’, and being so set in one’s belief system that one refuses to allow possibility an opportunity.

This is part of the mind virus, known in all cultures.

According to the Kabbalah, evil is the very condition of good’s realization. Evil, at cross purposes to the good at its core, is at the same time, paradoxically, its very foundation. It is only by attending to the darkness within ourselves and making the darkness conscious, however, that we become secure in the attainment of the good and begin to wake up. Jung writes, “He who comprehends the darkness in himself, to him the light is near.” See Paul Levy’s article

The  Native Americans here refer to it as “Wetiko”. I am here to assist in its demise. Then again, Paul Levy, a profound writer and dealer who has has been studying “Wetiko” for many years, suggest that we are all here to heal it.

In Chapter Two I intend to explore the power of our human heart to take us through and beyond our perpetual flirtations with darkness. I am awed in that I am ready to move on. I’ve forgiven the two people who acted out of so many imbalances and distortions. I simply can’t place  blame on them. I understand that the seed of its origination is something I created in my own heart. I was careless, and avoided looking at it, until it took the form of a betrayal. Apparently I needed to experience this. No victim talk here! I am saying that this is what we do as human beings, and if we’re far enough along the path of becoming more connected, more wise, more human, we have golden opportunities to clean and clear Wetiko.

It’s my sucker punch, and I own it.

I of course question their actions, and only because up until the end, they professed to be my soul family. In my exploration, I’m probably going to roast them over some inevitably white hot coals. If I can avoid doing that, I will, but if truth and healing for all require that a small roasting is in order, I won’t hold back.

No, I’m getting over it quickly, and I can also say I’m beginning to understand the great gift for me in it: I have been activated. I faintly hear the name of my mission being carried on winds that flow in real time, toward our planet.

I’m going to stop for now, and I’ll declare this “End of Chapter One” .

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