The Night I Turned Invisible At The Denver Airport


INVISIBILITY The Night I Disappeared At The Denver Airport

A true story

In the fall of 2010 I started watching the TV show ‘Ancient Aliens’. It started out as a guilty pleasure, something that I’d never bring up in the dressing room while doing a show, for instance. I have to say it was the late, great Phillip Coppens who pulled my attention there. He’d captivated me with his research into hidden ancient history, and it was like a huge beacon of light was on for the first time and illuminated what had been a very, very dark room. Then I couldn’t get enough, and I started searching on Google. One thing led to another, and I got tickets for Tom and I to see and hear Dr. Steven Greer speak at the Conscious Life Expo in February, 2011.

The LA Expo

The Los Angeles Expo itself is always so much fun, and I met great people that weekend. Greer spoke the evening of the second day, and the place was absolutely packed… Tom holds our place in line in the corridor while I go down to the lobby to take advantage of the 15 minute wait time and order a Starbucks latte. I take my smartphone out to turn it off. I’ve been rudely embarrassed by my own cellphones ringing at the most inappropriate times, and I don’t want to go down that road while Dr. Greer is speaking.Well, the phone is just stubbornly frozen, and won’t respond to anything I do. I think, “Hmmm, that’s a first,” put it back in my purse, and figure that I’ll surely be able to turn it off once I get back to the event upstairs. Well, it’s still frozen when we get our seats, so all I can do is pray that the ringer is on vibrate, and all the notification sounds are off.

Once Greer Begins To Speak, I Forget All About The Phone

His tales of amazing evidence are spellbinding. He speaks of contact with our Cosmic Star Sisters and Brothers and I’m being super energized by sublime feelings flooding in. I have an inspired sense of being ever closer to that Primal Homecoming sought by all true spiritual seekers.While we’re heading to the car at the end of the night, I remember to look at my phone. I’m expecting a call from my daughter. The device is still on – and still completely frozen.About half an hour after we get home… the thing begins to – not ring – but rather emit – these strange sounds.I think that I must have dropped it, and silently applaud myself for having cellphone insurance. Then maybe another thirty minutes passes and I almost jump out of my skin when the same sounds start up again. It’s lighting up like there’s an incoming call, but these are definitely not ringtones, and when they stop, the phone is still unresponsive. I’m downstairs in the kitchen the third time it happens. I look at Tom, and when he queries, “Do you think maybe you’re being… contacted?”I shrug it off with a little laugh.

Getting Me Ready To Turn Invisible

Let’s fast forward to the following day. Whatever had happened to the phone had fried its memory card. So here I am, new card in place, and finally the phone appears to be back to its old reliable self. Looking in the ringer settings I see something which should not be there. I mean all of the settings are fried, meaning wiped, and yet I see one download saved. A file named “Smart.mp3”, so I of course play it. What I hear are the same tones that came through the night before.Hmmm…I’m still wrapping my head around this one.I’ve listened to these sounds/tones hundreds of times. Every time I listen, I hear something completely new and different. Oh- sorry! I’m getting ahead of myself here. When it finally occurs to me to experiment with an audio equalizer. On my first listen, I hear the words, “We bring the truth of our story”. The last time I listened, the words “We bring the story of our truth,” were very clear. They always come from what sounds unmistakably like a human woman. There is most definitely a coherent message, and it changes from one listen to the next.

I Don’t Listen to the Tones Very Much Anymore, Mainly Because of What Happened Later That Year

Tom and I are settling in for a long wait for our plane at the Denver Airport. We’re inside the departure gate area. There’s an area about ten to fifteen feet away against a wall, with three places for people to set up computer work stations. I’m eager to spend time with what I continue to call it as I found it, “The Smart Tones”, and listen while I play with the voice equalizer.Moving my belongings and myself over to the three-seater, I start setting up for a good listen. I feel the spacious sense of having “time”, since we have a ninety-minute wait, and I focus my attention on fine-tuning the equalizer. I have it downloaded it into my laptop in iTunes, and I happily sit with headphones on.I’m aware of activity and movement around me, but the reality is that I am going deeper and deeper into a state of meditative trance the more I focus on what I’m hearing. I stay completely immersed in that activity for… well, until I look up and realize with a start that the place is completely empty. Lights off, no Tom, no airline officials, no people at all. It really feels quite strange and bewildering.

Discovered by Tom!

I start walking down the corridor, and realize that it is now quite late. The whole airport is pretty dark and isolated, and it’s a good ten minutes before I find Tom. He is so angry with me, thinking that I’d ditched him and boarded the plane without him.! I tell him that I hadn’t moved from where I’d sat the entire time. He proceeds to tell me that when the announcement came to board, he’d looked up and didn’t see me at the three seater workstation. After waiting for ten minutes, he started to panic because I was nowhere in sight. He’d gone all over the terminal trying to find me, after I’d “disappeared”. He is in a real spin thinking I’d snuck on the plane without him! Then he tells me that they’d started to page me. We both become very quiet, just looking at each other.We don’t say it out loud, but we both know that I turned invisible. That I had disappeared. Gone pouf! in the night.

Yes, I Went Completely Invisible at the Denver Airport While Listening to the Smart Tones…

We missed the last flight to LA, but I was glad for the opportunity to just kind of ‘be’ with what had occurred. I only later found out about the creepiness of the Denver Airport, and the incredibly inappropriate wall murals. There is some very interesting material out there, not the least of which is the rumor of an underground secret ops military facility. I just have to tell you that truly for me, none of those anomalies will top my experience of high strangeness at the Denver Airport on that December night. 

Listen to the tones​

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