In My Dreamtime I Am!

The energy of discovery and sheer fun waft in waves around  me -­sometimes with soft fingers, but mostly, like now, in sweet bursts of what feels like electric honey.

Dreamtime: I feel the hair on my nape rise and then -­‐ whoosh! A form zips past me on the curious staircase we’re climbing. It is funny to more than a few of us that we are still bound within the necessity to navigate in these bodies that must lift one foot and then the other in order to navigate to the upper storeys.

Ah yes, my room is here!

I am seriously surprised when I walk in and find the decor is fairly mid-­‐eighteenth century, probably French. Cream tones, a delicious deep blue; yellow flowers are there too, I sense them), and the most stately and exquisitely carved wood canopy.

This is a dream after all, and that’s why I suddenly find myself seated in a large room.

This is the thing -­‐ the building itself is endless, but at the same time holds a kind of intimacy and comfort that one doesn’t find on our home planet. Hmmn! Now why did I say that? Is it because of the very exciting and strangely beautiful non-­‐Earth beings gathering with all of us earthlings on the upper story? I would think so.

Now I’m walking with someone, someone very feminine in feel to me; however, and this is strange, she glides down in streams of light. I follow giggling, still managing my solid woman body downstairs.

As we turn a bend, the rooms change with us, as if they are molding to our forms in what -­‐ the words here are playful respect. Oooh! The ‘lady’ with me is now solid, and her hair is a dark blond, worn in a French twist. And of course, the French twist comes with very sixties’ style sexy-­spy-­Brigitte Bardot-The-­Avengers-­trench coat and cat’s eye sunglasses.

The irises of her eyes would look just like a jaguar’s if they weren’t spinning in this marvelous kaleidoscopic way, and then when I put on the glasses, blue fire shoots out of both of her eyes!

“I want that fire!’ I cry with happiness, and I know she feels as I do the warm tickle of our friendship that will bloom and blossom over the course of the next several hundred years.”No no no waaaaaaaay!” she cries back -­‐ still from inside my head, but she also laughs from her form simultaneously, so I’m getting a bit dizzy. This subdues the glee a bit, and she puts an arm out to steady me. Yes, now she really looks completely earth human, except for those eyes.

We have no need for names, and there’s a ‘wow’ because I realize this as I find myself outside the building, and my friend is not in sight.

Several people speak in happy low tones, and there are glowing circles of light all over wherever this is. I choose to contemplate my new friend and what has just transpired. I sit down in the velvety grass and it is night and the stars shine as never before -­‐ well, at least not since modern Earth cities.

Back to my thought -­‐ no need for names, because, let’s see… why? Ah that’s it. I am aware that we all know each other’s soul notes… that must be the way of it. I can get used to this in an every-­moment-­is-happening-right-­now-­in-­joy-­and-­wonder way.

We’re flying! Oh boy, I am dreaming, I think, but he says, in a sort of and sort of not British accent, “Yes, and this is all very, very real. Isn’t this exciting?” We fly up to the building’s top and there is a beautiful cupola made of gold and crystals. Absolutely exquisite gem quality crystals that seem familiar… ah yes! Faberge!

The man smiles knowingly as he sees my quickening remembrance, and then he quickly flies off in a flash of long red hair.

All of time is in my pocket and can stay here as long as I please: choice one. I can fly back down to the party happening on the ground: choice two. I go with choice one, and almost immediately lift off ­‐ it’s levitation really, and I observe that when I think, “float down” I do just that. I am so  happy and pleased with myself that I observed and chose, because I am certain that I really want to be at the party.

I hear Kerryspeaking in her beautiful, rich and clear voice. She says “The building is ours. It exists for us to play in, and the structure is such that it will change its form to suit the individual.

Who is “us”, I wonder… then I feel someone hugging me from behind… I turn around… and there I am peering into those wonderful kaleidoscopic eyes, and see that it’s ME!

To be continued tonight when I dream with the intention to be present in this marvelous place in complete awareness and lucidity. If anyone wants to join me, I’d be delighted! In fact I urge you to join me!


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