December 1, 2016

Grandmother Wisdom

Now is the time for the Grandmothers!

A lovely conversation between two Grandmothers of the ancient Aboriginal tradition, Mulara Topez and Callista Summerfield.

Presented by The Kitchen Table Ascension Podcast

Mulara Topez is a healer, teacher, musician, counsellor, executive coach, academic and consultant. She has worked internationally including as an NGO delegate to the Women’s United Nations Conference in Beijing and is experienced in leading outdoor expeditions in many parts of Australia and the world including the Himalayas, Alaska and the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea. She has researched at PhD level into values, ethics and leadership and has received numerous awards for her work, including an Australian Prime Minister’s Award of Merit. Mulara’s family are from Afghani (outback camel drivers), Aboriginal and Celtic descent. Her aboriginal spirit was welcomed back to Adnyamathanha country by an esteemed elder in 2012. She was named ‘Mulara’ by indigenous grandmothers and given their teachings to guide people in her work with them throughout the world.

“Respect for the land, for each other and for the self are key bearings for orientation in life. Overlaying this is our spiritual creator essence, our Dreamtime. This gives us our direction in life, our Law and Lore, the right way to live and our beliefs about creation. We are all One. “ From Mulara’s website,

Callista Summerfield is an Intuitive Listener and Energy Interpreter. Her interests include the metaphysical use of minerals and crystals, sound therapy, shamanic journeys, dream interpretation, food alchemy, philosophical discussions, therapeutic use of essential oils and flower essences, astrology, painting, biodynamic gardening and creative writing. Callista’s channelings have been published in Universal Mind and Conscious Living magazines. She is married to Will Berlinghof, The Voice of Cosmic Awareness”.

December 1, 2016

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