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#Q: The Rekindling Is Here



Hope Is Restored

The world-wide pedophile ring, human trafficking, as well as degradation and corruption in the top political and religious echelons, seemed so well entrenched as to be impossible to crack open. Then there were those thirteen ancient power families, and if you don’t know who and or what this refers to, I suggest you turn off the mainstream news. Others have written very well researched and documented articles, so I won’t go on about child sacrifice and subjugation by Satanic worshipers ; however, if you’re new to these subjects, I will leave some links at the end of this post.

At the end of October, I became aware of the Q-Anon phenomenon. I don’t even remember how. It may have been via Tracy Beanz. I’d found her YouTube interview of a Las Vegas shooting witness, and it may have been that. She is a fantastic ‘citizen reporter, and you can find her channel here.  The delightful and very, very intelligent Lionel Nation has a new video that does a great job of  explaining what Q-Anon is all about:   Primer on #QAnon and #QClearance: What You Should Know and Why #DeepState Is in #DefCon1 Panic.

I’ve been following Q-Anon drops since the beginning, and both 4Chan and 8Chan are pretty scary places for tender ones who have a hard time with extreme language, and what appear to be downright offensive and foul attitudes. I’ll just say that this is a culture of highly intelligent people who have a certain code of conduct with each other that many can find very uncomfortable.. The good news is that a couple of days ago a new ‘Q’ stream was made available by one of the main “Anons” from 8Chan, along with Tracy Beanz and a few others. Known as “baruchthescribe”, he posted this yesterday:

submitted  by baruchthescribe – announcement

Forgive us that it took a while for us to reach out to you. It took an enormous amount of time and focus to make sure the biggest intelligence drop in our history was properly organized. We had to keep our heads down for that period and stay off the radar as much as possible. However, that was then and this is now. We need you to discuss this with everyone you know as much as you possibly can. You’re all welcome here. It’s civil and we’re here to help as much as possible.

You have known for decades that there was something deeply wrong with the official story of the JFK assassination. You watched the Church Committee hearings in disgust when it was revealed that the CIA had a heart-attack gun. Oliver North’s games did not impress you. Neither did Bill Clinton’s during his time in Arkansas. And the deeply disturbing events at Ruby Ridge, Waco and Oklahoma City just cemented your distrust of the Federal Government. And then there was 9/11. All sorts of questions have yet to be answered about that tragic day, especially about Building 7.

The current moves against the pedophile elites who run the world is just the beginning. It’s all going to come out – about everything. It will take a long time to unravel. But it will be unraveled and in public. 99% of the world will be completely horrified and unable to grasp the true scope of the crimes that have been committed. Doubtless you and I will also be amazed by some things we suspected were true but had no way of knowing. That’s OK. But our job will be to constantly remind everyone we know that the long nightmare is almost over and that the good guys are in charge now. There will be justice. The awful truth about many household names, especially in Hollywood, will be finally known. The unimaginable truth about North Korea will finally be made known.

President Trump has been preparing to do something about all of this for many, many years. His business success has allowed him to rub shoulders with the elites for decades where he learned their secrets while never becoming one of them. Is he really a racist, sexist, misogynist buffoon? Of course not. He’s a deeply principled man, straight as an arrow, highly intelligent and will go down in history as the greatest President ever. He needs your help. Talk about all of this. Point people to the Q book. Post on here. Encourage each other. We’re witnessing the second-most amazing event in history (the first happened ~2000 years ago but I digress).

Q walks among us.

Have you learned to read the map yet?

Godspeed patriots.

the Board Owner.



Thank you! These words are very heart opening. Okay, now I’ve given myself away… yes, I am a 66 year old former liberal and once-upon-a-time hippie. I’ve lived through JFK’s assassination (when I had just turned twelve), and I still think of the wild and crazy sixties as my formative years. Woodstock, Viet Nam, Pres. Johnson. Selma, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Woodstock. Real Owsley blotter acid and being fried into one of the almost countless versions of ‘waking up’ that I chose to put myself through. No regrets. (research Owsley Stanley. That whole movement did not start out as a psyop.) I had friends who knew the family of the young woman shot dead at Ohio State University. Joplin, Timothy Leary, Gracie Slick – “When the truth is found to be lies, and all the joy within you dies” –  My God! It is so fresh and immediate to me, as if it was last year.

Well, it’s not 1967, it’s December 2017, and I know there’s a mighty and sanctified force of clarity that’s being lit up now and taking off with the swiftness of the Southern California wildfires, still burning near my home. The big difference is that those fires are darkly unnatural, and there is no doubt in my mind they were and are part of the mind fracturing diabolical plan that the Anons have been so brilliantly revealing, spurred on by Q’s mentoring. I’ve been lurking since the end of October, from the beginning of this Lighted path, but it has been only in the last two weeks that I am certain this is real. Remember the children. This is for the children. And remember this: each one of us has a tiny inner child who is abjectly terrified. You are making it better so ALL the children can be freed and begin to heal. (The true healing might get messy, but that’s OK, and that’s my part of the mission.)

You wonderful, marvelous Anons, you! Thanks to you, the spark of Divine possibilities is now reignited within my heart! I am certainly not alone in these sentiments among my generation. It has been very difficult to watch my country, to live in my country, during these years. Until now. I think of all those who have given their lives to bring us to these pivotal years, and this particular time.  May their souls know that we carry their torches onward and inward, in service to real human compassion, justice, and love. With all of my heart, soul and being, I say “Thank you” to President Donald Trump, Q, all of the Anons working relentlessly and without sleep, and all those who are and have put themselves in harm’s way to bring an end to the madness. Tracy Beanz, I just love you! If I could somehow put birdsong into these typed words and have all of you experience my gratitude in the beauty of that exquisite sound, I would. These words will have to do for me, but Grace Slick just might give y’all a kick of Grace: (Volunteers).

This is real. This country is worth saving. Offered with so much gratitude, and so much love. 



FROM Bernie at Truth and Art TV:

Published on Jun 22, 2018

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