Hummingbirds: Messengers of The Sylphs


Re-Uniting With the Elementals

Back in 2012, I was immersed – very happily – in metaphysical studies with Jim Self at Mastering Alchemy. Jim was still producing dynamic lessons then for three different levels of students. I had resonated deeply with his teaching methods when I first discovered him in 2011. He presents metaphysical concepts as a mechanical engineer would, in step by step constructions of light configurations. Joan Walker, one of the true and authentic channelers out there, worked in tandem with Jim to create the entire class series.

In one class, Joan brought in Metatron. The information conveyed was that it was time The Elemental Kingdom and Humanity joined hearts once again. After The Fall of Consciousness, many eons ago, Humanity and The Elementals had suffered a complete split in their once divine and loving relationship. There are four main groups of Elementals in this realm: Earth, Fire, Water and Air. Gnomes, Salamanders,  Ondines, and Sylphs. Metatron offered that these marvelous beings were ready to reunite with us. In the Spring of 2014, I was present at a gathering in Scottsdale, Arizona with Jim, Joan, and several hundred other Mastering Alchemy students. Within the space of sovereign personal power, as well as unified group coherency, we reunited with our Great Friends. The work continues to this day.

Several weeks after I returned home from Scottsdale, I sat outside in my garden, working with my laptop. I heard the voice of a young girl just behind me say sweetly, “Hello!”. Surprised, but not startled, I turned around to see who was standing in my raised bed of lilies. There was no one, and furthermore, nobody else was home. Enchanted, I turned back to my computer, and that’s when Goddess Tara appeared in my inner vision.

Depiction of Tara for Co-creating with The Sylphs
Goddess Tara

Photography As My Portal To Awareness

The beauty engulfing me consisted of exquisite fragrance, colors, and an inner sound vibration. I have what is known as synesthesia, and to explain further will need another full blog post! (SEE 6 Intriguing Types of Synesthesia: Tasting Words, Seeing Sounds, Hearing Colours And More). That being said, I had what some call a “download”.

I’ll describe it as an instantaneous knowingness of being connected.

Actually, even greater than the sense of being connected was the knowingness of being Connection itself. Here I will stop attempting to articulate a state that has no ordinary linguistic syntax. We’re in the experiential realm, folks, and if you understand this, then you’ve experienced something similar. The inner vision of Goddess Tara morphed into my camera. I understood then and there with all aspects of myself that photography is my particular doorway into greater consciousness.

At that point, I opened my eyes and was startled by a little hummingbird hovering in furious stillness about eighteen inches from my face. The little guy and I communicated. Yes we did! I was somehow given the understanding that if I would be outside every morning soon after sunrise, there would be one of his kind awaiting me. That I was to start taking photographs.

So I did.

In conclusion, I offer here some of my feathered friends’ portraits. I discovered later that autumn that a hummingbird would come near when I thought of, or saw the Sylphs cleaning up chemtrails in the sky above me.


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