Invisible MP3: The Night I Disappeared At The Denver Airport

YES! I went invisible on a Sunday night in 2011.

The Night I Turned Invisible At The Denver Airport

“I start walking down the corridor, and realize that it is now quite late. The place is pretty dark, and it’s a good ten minutes before I find Tom. He is so angry with me, thinking that I’ve ditched him and boarded the plane without him. I tell him that I hadn’t moved from where I’d sat the entire time.

He proceeds to tell me that when the announcement came to board and he’d looked up and saw that the work station was empty, he’d looked around and started to panic because I was nowhere in sight. He then went all over the terminal trying to find me, after I’d gone “invisible”.

Tom is in a real spin thinking I’d snuck on the plane without him! When he tells me that they’d started to page me, well, we just get very quiet, looking at each other.” READ MORE

San Francisco Airport Reunion


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