Lauda Leon ~ Psychic counselor, therapist, quantum healing facilitator


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Targeting and Meta-Destruction

It appears that our genetic markers determine how we are utilized and to what depths. We are stretched into simultaneous realities as hyper-dimensional beings and bear a vitrually unlimited energy linked directly to the Source which ‘they’ lack.

These praying-mantis’ (preying on man) shape-shift through our own perceptions, literally placing inside our minds what ‘they want us to see’, thereby hiding themselves from us and the nature of the reality we are truly living. In this way, they not only hide from us, but have also robbed us of identities, memories, lifetimes and ‘BEING’. They literally have the ability to place us within a spell in such a way that we literally ‘see’ what they position inside our minds to see, giving us cover memories, including years of manipulating our version of ‘reality’ and what we are perceiving on many levels.

The clarity of what we are each remembering is a true marker of us shifting out of the ‘dream’ illusory world/s of their manipulation.
Lauda Leon- Psychic counselor, therapist, quantum healing facilitator

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