January 13, 2017

Let Go Of Gravity – Fall Into A Nuummite Crystal Wand

Photo of Nuummite wand

Nuummite resonates with the ancient and fiery earth energy of the Great Mother Goddess.

Nuummite crystals, which are found in Greenland, have been known for eons as The Stone Of The Shaman. They ask us to return to our innate sense of mystery and wonder, and are powerful helper and guardian allies.   Read More

The photographs in the gallery that follows are of one particular such crystal:

My Nuummite Wand

Photo of Nuummite wand


The black, highly polished surface will shoot out radiant gem-like flashes whenever it catches light, be it sun or lamp. For the most part though, it appears strong, silent and almost unfathomably dark and opaque.



I entered into a truly crystalline universe the night I decided to see what would happen if I were to photograph it with my dedicated macro lens.

I shot about forty or so pictures, but it wasn’t until I had uploaded them to my computer that the fun began for me. The results almost scared me, because a new world was revealed, and not only that – there were beings who seemed to want to communicate. That was in 2013, and since then, this Nuummite, the Beings who are a part of it and I are developing a very close working relationship.

It’s time for me to share the experience with anyone who is willing to let go of gravity and fall into my crystal.

Take a few minutes – or even longer – and click one of the photos below. It will open full screen. These really are meant to be seen as large as possible! The Nuummites have a unique message for each of us, as well as the Blessings of Earth Groundedness, and an infusion of Divine Connection to the Mother.

To Sum It All Up




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