Letting Go to Go Home

I haven't posted here for over a month, and there's a reason I've been absent! The short video (3:33) will fill you in.

I'm grateful to have had my experiences in Los Angeles. I learned soul chanelling, and made friends with the Crystals and Elementals...

The following is from 2015:

You are now remembering your skills and the mastery of your being in different realities.

What we will tell you is now that you are awakening to the more expansive aspects of your soul journey, you are more and more capable of creating higher frequencies that you may, so to speak, “step into”. When you do this, you will have experiences that your human collective agreements would not understand as ‘reality’. Suffice to say, your reality is much greater than you as this personality in this life stream have been taught to regard as the norm.

We joyfully tell you that your process of understanding is evolving as it is meant to.

Me: Are my experiences with the hummingbirds in my garden related to my evolvement? I mean specifically about remembering myself?

Hummingbird and Helpers are here now to remind you how to get back your original voice, Your Soul Voice. When your first Human Tribe initially played in the embodiment game of density, you didn’t speak to each other at all in the manner of speech as it is understood and practiced in what you call ‘modern times’ – in your earth time. There was no vocalizing of the mind stream via words. No, communication occurred on multidimensional levels. This was before the Fall, and the brain and chakra system had not yet fragmented into the current state of degradation.

The fifth chakra was placed in the throat area for song!

Imagine a world of tones, colors, and experiencing the infinite size of your emotional body… so that feeling was utilized as one form of language. Just one, mind you; there were infinite possibilities of information to be accessed by each individual soul to play and create with, so that when one got to a point of choosing to share the information it could be uniquely expressed, and everyone would benefit.

Me: I can imagine it! What can I do to expand my perception?

The energies are moving; swirling and provoking what no longer serves to rise to the surface, and then to simply let them go. You have been aware of this process for the last three decades in your life stream “Bibi”.

We have witnessed with utmost compassion and Love your joys and sorrows. We are delighted to inform you that the purest soul aspects of you are now, shall we say, “earthed” in your physical body. And this is how it is and was meant to be. We are not here to tell you what to do. You alone are the creator of whatever it is you wish to experience.

Me: I get it! I believe I can answer my own question. I am more aware of feeling into something rather than ‘thinking aboutʼ something.

When you access us in this manner you are truly accessing the higher aspects of Self. You are We and We are You.

Me: Are you my Higher Collective?

We are your greater reality.
We are the higher form of what you are now stepping into.
As your perception expands into this awareness, you will have experiences of greater and greater unity with All That Is.
We hold you always in great Love, and with utmost admiration.
It is crucial to your evolvement for you to appreciate the courage you have demonstrated as you have navigated through these life streams.
We have always been with you, but it is you creates and manifests in density – because you are the one with the body.

We would suggest that you might wish to contemplate this:
We also learn and evolve from your experiences.

We say with the greatest Love that we are present for you whenever you call upon us. We have always been with you, and continue to be, just as you are always with us.


Friends that I've made here

Currently up to my eyeballs in boxes and bubblewrap...

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