Matters of High Strangeness, The Weird, The Wonderful, and Intra-Density Consciousness


Some folks would label me as a conspiracy theorist, and my response to them is no, I’m not.

I’m curious, I like to connect dots, and once a certain threshold of verified information has been assimilated, it’s impossible to go back to safe and comfortable.

I will go on to state that nothing in this reality – repeat: nothing in this reality – is what it appears to be. Now, I assume those reading this will be savvy with mindfulness concepts such as witness consciousness and/or neutral observation. That’s good, because I do get rather impatient when it comes to giving explanations, and history lessons.  This last summer, I noticed that I had achieved a level of neutrality in life that surpassed my former personal bests of being in a state of equipoise no matter the surrounding circumstances I was moving in and through. Then came what is called “The Great American Eclipse of August 21, 2017”. Prior to last August, I had been observing energies like the weather, exopolitics, geopolitics, etc., ramping up with accelerating rapidity into an almost  frenzied craziness. I wasn’t the only one who felt that time itself had gone off the deep end.

Then the eclipse came. I remember it being slightly cloudy that day, but I am not and never have been one to get terribly excited about deeper truths around eclipses. I thought “Oh the eclipse is happening now”, and then forgot about it. It’s just that things changed the day after. To describe what it is exactly that changed, well, that’s tricky. Tricky because it’s an inner sensation and an inner knowing that Things Are Not The Same.

Insofar as my own witness consciousness is concerned, I can report that it is expanding into levels of awareness I did not know existed, and this expansion is accompanied by an increase of emotionality. Huge waves of emotions, good old human emotions, that roll right on through, much like wild winds and grand electrical storms.  Sometimes clothed in otherworldly floral fragrance.  Now, add to that my penchant for looking into matters of High Strangeness, The Weird and The Wonderful, Inter-Extra-Intra-Density Consciousness and Life Forms, as well as the incredibly Dark State of my country – and yes, I love the ol’ USA – well, that eclipse seems to have initiated a change in the velocity of the information flow. 

Which brings me to this: nothing is what it appears to be. Like I said. It may be “true” for some that the eclipse caused a deepening of the awareness of opposites. Possible reasons for this ramping up of the Grand Polarity Drama? I could take that writing fork in the road, but I’m discovering the importance of awareness first. Theories just don’t cut the mustard for me at this stage. Nope, I’ll sit with the awareness, become quiet and still, and information arises, which may or may not contain a reason. It will, however, be very important and useful information. Possibly pertaining to me only, and nobody else. Then again, it might be information that wants to be expressed to others. Notice that I said ‘information that wants to be expressed’, and not ‘I feel this should be expressed by me’. That’s important, and part of what I notice about my own thought patterns and behavior since August.



I'd love to know your thoughts ~ Bibi

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