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So who buys compact dishwashers from an online, Italian company? That would be me. Little did I know what an angelic experience it was going to be!

Imagination is the gateway to the magical reality in our everyday world!
I hadn’t heard or felt any movement in the water and I felt the prickle of fear, and the chill of that prompted me to get out.
Smart by Bibi Tinsely

In my Dreamtime I am! The energy of discovery and sheer fun waft in waves around me -­‐ sometimes with soft fingers, but mostly, like now, in sweet...

Allow me to share what came in earlier this afternoon as The River of Allowance:

The veils are indeed thinning.

Be measured, and be focused.  

This is required in order to navigate these stronger frequencies and move into allowance. 

Be one who operates as a ninja,  putting into application the skills of agility, deftness, and invisibility.

Sit with that idea, that which arises as a flash of inspiration.


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