I Owe It All To Franklin: Photography Selections Of My Personal Favorites

Several people from shamanic and astrological backgrounds predicted that this month (April, 2017) was going to be one of those intense and bumpy rides.

From the global right down to the personal. That it was to be a time of facing our deepest inner shadows and secrets as they rise, and to let them go. I observe the world around me being in chaotic states of transition. As for the personal side of things, these shamanic insights are right on.

First of all, I’m certainly not experiencing intensity in a bubble.

Oh no, every one of my friends has a similar story. The silver lining lies in experiencing the gratitude that comes with having soul friends that share deep and significant frames of reference. The golden lining is embedded in flashes of extraordinary states of newness. The beginning of April was rough, but now the bumpiness is evening out. At times, I will even call it bliss.

We have a most extraordinary Elder in our family.


Franklin in 2015
Franklin in 2015

His name is Franklin, and he is of the canine persuasion. Franklin is a noble and stalwart Shih-Tzu. He will be nineteen years old next month. That’s one hundred and thirty-three years old in people years. This really is quite extraordinary, but we are talking about Franklin! Therefore, it should not be a surprise that he is in the advanced stages of liver and kidney disease, given his age. Yet, I am surprised, because I just assumed that Frankie was going to be around forever. Yes, his spirit will be, but his body is very old.

He is getting ready to make his transition.

I know he’ll be joining up with his adopted older sisters who transitioned within six weeks of each other in 2014. This knowledge takes away some of my human heartache.Finally, the other simple joy is in  knowing that he is comfortable and content in the now of his life with us. 

Daisy, Franklin's sister

Misty, Franklin's adopted sister
Misty The Heart Bandit


Franklin’s Fundamental Teaching As A Divine Elder Canine Wayshower

Franklin in 2015
Franklin in 2015

His teaching is to just simply embrace the moment for the gift that it is. In doing this, I am learning to experience a flow. A magical and mystical flow in which the words ‘No Time’ are being laid down as Akashic tracks inside my lifetime’s experience. I feel his wink, as if to say, “All those years of spiritual practices are starting to pay off!” Dear, sweet, marvelous Franklin. He tells me to get on with the mission, to share my soul truths with others, and to create more photography.

As a result of benefiting from Franklin and his wisdom, I share here my favorite photos from the last couple of years.




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