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Authenticity. I took a class in Soul Writing from Joanne DiMaggio and A.R.E.  I was motivated by a desire to find an inner portal to authenticity. Joanne was wonderfully supportive, and provided guided meditations, recorded and able to be downloaded and used by her students to aid in each writing session.  I had a very interesting journey with this. The first step was to go to the Hall of Records, or the Akashic Records, to receive from our respective librarians information pertinent to our current soul’s journey along with that of the soul mate(s) who are helping us now.  The Akashic Records meditation again. 

I am surprised when I am shown the marble stairway because her meditation said it rose into the sky – but mine descends into the earth! I experience judgmental passing thoughts, such as, “This isn’t the way I’m being guided by Joanne’s voice”, etc. I’ve been a meditator long enough to know not to pay much attention as thoughts arise, so I allow my meditation to flow as it happens.  I feel such an immense sense of inner spaciousness as I keep going down the staircase. I am inside the earth’s crystalline core, and there is a beautiful, supernal light within and all around me. It is very palpable, and is made up of golden and pink light particles. This light is conscious and intelligent and I feel, more than hear a sound that I can only describe as whirring.  Someone is just a few feet away. It is an elder woman in a flowing white linen robe; her hair, long also white, falling below her shoulders. She hands me my book with a smile, and I hold it close to my heart. 

It is heavy, leather-bound, and has the fragrance of roses. I open it, and a stone table appears directly in front of me, so I am able to set it down.  As I look down, a lovely small golden star tetrahedron emerges from the parchment pages. It rises from the book and enters into my heart area; therfore I know that this was what the spinning ‘sound’ had been. At this point, I go deeply into what is being offered me, and the meditation experience becomes an inner visual feast of spinning geometries and scintillating colors.  NOTE Lightening quick visuals were interspersed throughout of different bodies I’ve been in throughout my earth-time. The meditation lasted for about an hour, and I came out of it not wanting to write at all!  I do the second Akashic meditation and, as before, instead of ascending the staircase, I go right back to the crystalline core of the planet. There is a deep happiness when the star tetrahedron appears, and when it enters my heart area I am startled to see myself in the same mediation I’d experienced in my friend Selacia’s workshop on Past Lives and Soul Mates (anyone see a theme here?). There I was, a woman looking much as I do now, standing in front of a group of seated people (they were seated yoga-style, on the light-colored, smooth and highly polished stone floor) in an open-air pavilion made of some kind of quartz crystal. 

 What startles me are the white tigers. There are four of them, and each has a ruby gem embedded between their eyes. Wow! I understand here that I demonstrate the art of what I suppose I would call ‘sound visioning’. This is the skill of throwing one’s voice outward to a destination, with the intention of bringing information back to oneself. I do a type of over-toning, and see/feel my tongue form a rod of light. The people watch intently as I aim and cast it outward and forward.  It arcs like an arrow and shoots out of the pavilion, and I hear a low sound from one of the tigers. Not a growl, and not a roar, but most definitely a sound that a white tiger with a ruby bindi would make. Ah! This is an affirmation for my mastery of this skill, and I feel strong and in my element.   At the end of this second meditation I proceed directly into soul writing. The words are coming extremely quickly, and I can barely keep up, even using a keyboard.

It was night there, and there was a beautiful fire pit between the students and me. I witness the deep love I have for these people, and the desire to make clear to them the necessary components of ‘sound visioning’ so that they will be masters themselves.  

Portal to Authenticity: You are now remembering your skills and the mastery of your being in different realities.  

Me: Yes, that’s exactly what it feels like. A portal… Next! Who are the tigers?  

They are what your Elders call Animal Totems, Helpers, Allies. These beings are available to you whenever you call them.  

Me: Especially relevant are the jeweled bindis they have between their eyes. Is this a dream vision?  

If what you mean by “dream”, we say that these beings are very real, and that they exist in your reality whenever you focus on them.  

Me: My reality?  

First of all, we do not intend to over-complicate your process by causing your brain to utilize its logical functioning now.  What we will tell you is now that you are awakening to the more expansive aspects of your soul journey, you are more and more capable of creating higher frequencies that you may, so to speak, “step into”.  When you do this you will have experiences that your human collective agreements would not understand as ‘reality’. Your reality is much greater than your human personality realizes.  Me: Yes! So exciting, and as you inform, I understand.  We joyfully tell you that your process of understanding is evolving. 

Me: What about the hummingbirds coming when I call them?     

Hummingbird and Helpers arrive now to teach you how to get back your original voice, Your Soul Voice. When you first played in the embodiment game of density, you didn’t speak to each other at all in the manner of speech as it is understood and practiced in what you call ‘modern times’ – in your earth time. There was no vocalizing of the mind stream via words. No, communication occurred on multidimensional levels. This was before the Fall, and the brain and chakra system had not yet fragmented into the current state of degradation. The fifth chakra in the throat area is for song!  Imagine a world of tones, colors, and experiencing the infinite size of your emotional body. Feeling is just one form of language. Just one, mind you. Infinite possibilities of information are available for everyone to play and create with. When one desires to share the information it can be uniquely expressed, and everyone benefits.   

Me: I can imagine it! What can I do to expand my perception?  The energies are moving; swirling and provoking what no longer serves to rise to the surface. As they arise, simply let them go. You have been aware of this process for the last two decades in your life stream “Bibi”. We witness with utmost compassion and Love your joys and sorrows.  Your purest soul aspects now reside in your physical body. This is how it is. This is so. We are not here to tell you what to do. You alone are the creator of whatever it is you wish to experience.  

Me: Yes! It’s all about ‘feeling into’ something rather than ‘thinking about’ something. I am beyond happiness that I have access to the wisdom and knowledge I receive from you!  

When you access us in this manner you are truly accessing the higher aspects of your Self. You are We and We are You.  Me: Are you my Higher Collective?  We are your greater reality. We are the higher form of what you are now stepping into. As your perception expands into this awareness, you will have experiences of greater and greater unity with All That Is.  

Me: Whew. I’m feeling tired!  

You are held always in great Love, and with utmost admiration. In addition, we say ‘admiration’ for it is crucial to your evolvement that you appreciate the courage you continually demonstrate as you have navigate through these life streams.  Furthermore, it is you who creates and performs actions in density – because you are the one with the body. You might wish to contemplate this: that we also learn and evolve from your experiences.  

Me: Yes, I will. This is a huge concept, but I will.  

Whenever you call upon us, we are present for you. We have always been with you, and continue to be, just as you are always with us.  

Me: Thank you.  

We say with the greatest Love that you are most welcome.  

I wasn’t expecting a response like this. I had asked for information for one of my soul mates, a cousin who has held an antagonistic feeling toward me for as long as I can remember. The focus is on gaining access to the souls here to help us in our life lessons. They didn’t even mention it!  Finally, I believe what I received is that it is me – my relationship with soul integration, as well as my developing relationship with my Collective that is paramount for me now. The journey always continues…

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