• Duo


  • A Knowing Look

    A Knowing Look

  • The Hoverer

    The Hoverer
    Stillness in flight

  • My Sylphen One

    My Sylphen One

  • Chirpler

    The Friendly Fellow

  • Sylphie's First Flight

    Sylphie's First Flight
    Sylphie proudly out and about in her finery just before a late October sunset

  • Pretty Boy Perching

    Pretty Boy Perching
    Sweet, sweet one

  • I Know You

    I Know You
    Always has a greeting for me

  • Ascension Renewed

    Ascension Renewed
    What more can one say?

  • Chirpler Variation

    Chirpler Variation
    Chirpler is always around

  • I Embrace You Again

    I Embrace You Again
    A big welcoming wee one

  • My New Friend

    My New Friend
    Almost iridescent…

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