Powerful Teasers From Self

It has been an odd and powerful time since my last post

The combined experiences of losing my dog and getting fired pulled me out of my center point. I’ve experienced a heightened awareness that there is some kind of anomaly afoot. I came to this conclusion from my observations that people in my sphere have been acting completely out of character, and operatic dramas are happening in many public communities simultaneously. Then there’s the Mandela Effect, which is now being commented on wherever I look in the media.

I don’t think there’s anyone who is not experiencing some manifestation of the energetic changes we have been going through.

It feels like things cannot possibly get any more intense, and then wham! It increases in strength exponentially. The forces of gravity, it seems, are pulling densities and the last remaining heavy unconscious shadow elements of the collective out to the edges of a sphere. If one doesn’t stay in the center of said sphere, one will get blasted with the sharp edges of this toxic waste as it is purged. That is what this is: a detoxing, a cleansing, so that we as a Collective Soul Group can move on up and out of here.

I’ve launched into a full steam ahead mode of researching the ‘mind virus’ that I referred to in Chapter One. This is a very big subject, and the implications are nothing less than the survival of humanity, both of the individual, as well as the soul level. I discovered an extraordinary young man last week by the name of Aug Tellez. If you are a person who is in denial about White Hats vs Dark Hats, you will most definitely have issues from this point on.

Here is one of Aug’s videos in which he describes one method to reach the still point, or The Center of Self.

I am still immersed in his writings. The information is astounding, and in my view, it is essential. Elites, mind control, time-line jumping chrononauts, deception at its ultimate – yes, Aug is a whistleblower. It’s challenging to listen and or read his experiences, but there’s something about this guy that compels me to continue. Here are the links to his Blog, and YouTube channel:

Aug Tellez on YouTube Who am I?

I will report back, once I’ve seen and read everything.

Time is of the essence…

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