Sethikus Boza of Black Earth Productionz: A True Wayshower


A True Wayshower

If you are at all triggered by the use of profanity, then do not check out Black Earth Productionz. My suggestion to you is to get over it, do yourself a favor, and go thereI’ve worked with many teachers, both inner and outer. Based upon discrimination built from my experiences, I tell you that Sethikus is a bona fide teacher of a Higher Order. I recently sent the following message to him:

I have to say that you are SO ON IT! You’ve deciphered where the pulsing of the real lifeblood of the “life” equation in this “life or death” scenario we find ourselves in. These connections [you point to] affirm my good taste and highly refined judgement in choosing to consult with you.

This work is not for everyone. That being said, if you feel that spark of recognition when you encounter Sethikus and Black Earth Productionz, love yourself by initiating contact. In a nutshell, my own biospheric re-genesis is in full bloom and this lifetime’s current Major Cosmic Integration and Synthesis is, in part, a direct result and effect of Sethikus’ wayshowings. In the great feastings to come, he will be sung about as part of those luminaries who came here -- again -- to finally and successfully Show The Way.



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In my next post, you’ll learn of yet another Wayshower and an extraordinary teacher in her own right: my dear friend, Maree Batchelor, M.D.



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