Is Soul Writing Real? Answer: Yes

Is Soul Writing Real? To begin a Soul Writing session, I will get a favorite crystal, light some incense, or put on some sacred essential oil, and last, light a candle. These are all tools to invite myself into a faster, finer, higher vibration. Then it starts to flow…

The experience must resonate with an inner knowing. This knowing is not something that can be ‘proven’, or understood intellectually.


We say to our dear Bibi that nothing occurs between embodied souls on your earth plane without prior agreement.

So, my question is, am I the same soul that didn’t come through in the only pregnancy of my adoptive parents?

You are.

This only occurred to me last week, but it makes so much sense, given the dreams, etc.

Yes. Again we wish to emphasize that this had been agreed upon. You would have been firstly born to them as a boy; however, when the pregnancy didn’t come to full-term, you, in your fuller sense of completeness, waited for the opportune time to be born into their family. We will also add, with some sweet humor, that the girl-child body was not your first choice! Be that as it may, it worked out rather well, from our vantage point.

Oh yes. I finally truly love women! This body has been so wonderful to me, and her cell consciousness is …


Yes, I think that will cover it.

You chose to take full advantage of being born into a body that is made from the lineage of the Swynne’s DNA. This would not have been possible had you inhabited the little boy body who passed away in gestation.

Pretty cool!

Ah yes, and we know how you wonder at the knowledge held in the Swynne’s  information.

I know, I will be able to let it reveal itself through this process, and learning to trust more and more. It’s very interesting now. I observe myself from a lovely place of neutrality with increasing frequency. There are still so, so many questions.

And we tell you that it is an ongoing journey, an ever-expanding field of revelation. Now this field is not corporeal, but you know that.

Yes! I have really come to have a deeper understanding and appreciation for those “big” dreams I’ve had in the sleep time. I’m aware of wanting to be “more appropriate” in these conversations with you – as if being playful, or using ‘slang’ is undignified. 

Bibi dear, Source is with you and it is with us, and you are we and we are you, and we wish for you to let go of this format if you wish!

Oh yes! Thank you for that.  I feel the heart  smile, and it feels that a wave of goodness and beauty is lifting me up and up… into the most refreshing place. Oh, I so love you guys! I just heard the whisper “ocean of consciousness” …!   

Yes. It is we. We never leave this journey, but we respect Bibi’s perceived desire for ‘privacy’.

I so appreciate you, my gang, my cosmic pals, my Highest Rose. I don’t require privacy; however, I am aware of a rather bumpy feeling I am experiencing during our  communication.  I didn’t quite trust that, but it isn’t what I thought it was, correct?

You are correct our radiant one. You feel the inner motions that occur during an upshift in frequency and vibration.

Should I wonder why now and not before, or is that thinking too much? 

WE say to you that that type of questioning can be very practical and useful when it is asked from a higher frequency and vibration than what you have become used to these last 6 months of your time.

Okay, I am aware of a massive shift – an inner shift – in just the last couple of weeks. I’ve felt this for … a very long time: that the veil of forgetfulness that they talk about so incessantly here – is fading, or lifting, or disintegrating.

We tell you it is all that and more. There are  miracles to be experienced if you were to just think them. Let us put this another way, dear Bibi. It is as simple and as profound as creating first a thought, with the mental body. Say it is something in your world of form – a concept, a thing, a state of being – the thought of something you wish to experience. Now with your emotional body, create a feeling to attach to the thought. With your practiced focus and attention, perceive this thought feeling with complete immersion.

I find myself censoring this part of the dialogue, because it seems that I need to give an explanation here.

There is no one here but us. This is about your Soul Connection, and we want to wave away your concern for others’ comfort. This is one hundred percent about you.

Thank you. I get that. I’m feeling a bit scattered.

And we say to you that this so-called ADHD is your playful multi-dimensional awareness that gets a bit impatient in the lower-dimensional need to express with words.

Okay, now i feel such a heart opening of love for myself, and for you, and for this game I agreed to play. Man oh man, it is so very rigid here, and I am weary of feeling held back from my true nature, my soul’s freedom! I do feel quite serene now having told you that.

Oh dearest One, we have always been with you, and not as benign onlookers only. We are in this with you, insofar as we can be, given that you are the one with the body. We have felt every feeling you have ever had with your emotional body.  It’s awakened, alert state exists in Unity with us, and so we are truly of One Heart. Every joy, every agony, every grief and loss  have been shared and held by us. We are in this together.

I am very moved by this, and I feel the desire to sit for more meditation. *smile* 

It is exactly as your teacher Jim has pointed to: the answer lies where the question is asked. Stillness is preferable for ease and clarity.

Just a couple of questions – funny, but now I have 2 questions. Am I correct in my sense that the adoption/birth-family stage is near completion, or has completed itself for this round?

The last agreement made, and we speak of that you made with the brother, is now concluded. You experienced the successful termination of the binding agreement earlier today, when you went into Forgiveness, and stepped out of the main cord of that family line. We say to you that your daughters now are even more connected with you via Light Warrior agreements made in that limitless Sphere of Possibilities –

I really want to know this – do you have fun? Okay I can feel your answer tickling my heart.

HaBibi (Read More)- for that has been one of your names for eons now – we wish for you to know that one of your Divine soul gifts is the mastery of Sacred laughter. We wish for you to know fully that you are connected to Source in many ways, but it is through that element of Humor that you can feel your sacred connection very powerfully. We wish for you to get outside now, and allow the sylph’s breath to refresh you.

You want to play with the hummingbirds, don’t you?!

The energetics of our experience of loving you cannot yet be experienced while you hold this focus personality. The brain is changing, but the limitations do prevent the full awareness.

Okay my Loves! I will go and call upon the spirit of Swynne! She was very tall, yes?

Yes. That physical body would be considered from the realm of ‘giant’, for you stood over 8 feet tall.

I thought so. It was very long ago.

We wish to say ‘yes’, that if perceived from your human modern frame of reference, it was during the time that is just now being remembered again by some. We don’t wish to elaborate, for the earth energies outside your front door are beckoning you to play right now; however, we will wrap up this exchange by reminding you that you have the ability to access any so-called ‘time-line’, as they are being experienced by All of You simultaneously.

Thank you for the reminder. I’m ready to invite Swynne back… and of course I just have this knowing that she is a higher aspect of my soul and …. wait! Swynne! You’re part of my Collective!!!

Come. Let us run, and we’ll fly like dragonflies do, and there just might be someone who will want to give you a ‘hello’ kiss.

Kiarialagh. Oh thank you for this. I love the mystery as much as the knowledge. Thank you. (see Reunion)

We have always, ALWAYS been with you and we envelop you in the Blessings of Divine Source, wherein lies your true origin. Goodnight, and know we are here.

Oh. Thank you isn’t adequate, grateful doesn’t express if, but I now know you can feel this nectarean sweetness that flows in my heart. Goodnight.


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5 years ago

I like the name Soul writing. I have always called it channeling ๐Ÿ™‚

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