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Dark Journalist & Elana Freeland: The Space Fence: Covert Agenda Explained


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The Space Fence decoded by EIana Freeland!’ve had issues with Dark Journalist’s journalistic integrity in the past; however, he continues to produce interviews with stellar truth busters. Elana Freeland knows her stuff, and in this video, she sheds light on the “new sky” we’re now living with.


Published on Aug 17, 2017


The Space Fence: Covert Agenda Explained
In this exciting episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Chemtrails Expert Elana Freeland. Her classic book, Chemtrails HAARP & The Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth, is the definitive book on these suppressed subjects. Her new book, Under An Ionized Sky: Chemtrails & Space Fence Lockdown, is the first major in-depth examination of the murky covert program that has been under development since the 1980s under the Reagan Administration where it was a major aspect of the SDI Star Wars Program.

Roots of the Space Fence: SDI Star Wars
When President Reagan announced that the US would be pouring vast resources into a major weaponization of Space with what he called the ‘Strategic Defense Initiative’ or ‘Star Wars’ it was widely assumed that it was meant as a missile shield program to deflect Nuclear Missile Launches from Russia. It’s true purpose may have had just as much to do with protecting the world from ‘An Alien Threat’ as Reagan suggested in a UN Speech, that would bring the world together to fight a common enemy.

An Ionized Atmosphere: Space Fence Deployment
When the Soviet Union Fell ion December 26th, 1991, it was widely assumed that the SDI program was abandoned along with this historical event. In fact it appears that all of the research around Star Wars was reintegrated into a covert initiative for building a Space Fence that would serve as a Major Global Surveillance and Control Grid. What was missing in the 1980s to realize this vision, came along in the 1990s with the development HAARP and the successful efforts to Ionize the Atmosphere. With this being achieved over the last two decades, the conditions are perfect for the full deployment of The Space Fence and all of its terrifying implications of worldwide dominance over communications and a new paradigm of Space being Weaponized.

Shocking, exciting, unnerving, bold and informative, you don’t want to miss this fascinating Dark Journalist episode…!

Book cover for
Under an Ionized Sky: From Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown Paperback – February 13, 2018 by Elana Freeland (Author) #1 New Release in Environmental Pollution Engineering


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