Soul Diving With Swynnaigh and Kiairalogh


This was an absolutely profound time of deep mystical revelation. I developed the practice of writing down my dreams soon after waking up in the mornings. The more I got into it, the more the dreams revealed to me. I won’t go into the dream stories themselves here, but I will say that they conveyed important information for me at that time.

This is actually what one would hope to have happen in Dream work.  As I was going through chemo in 1999-2000, I had two dreams in which an extraordinary woman appeared. She was stunning: very tall, blonde hair wrapped around her head in one long braid. The energy of physical power she emanated was palpable.

Imagine a woman with elegant rippling muscles who carries herself as a queen, and you begin to see her.I felt a deep connection and never forgot her, as her presence has stayed with me since then. All I could remember of the name she told me she called herself was that it began with an ‘S’.

In 2014 I began to study with the Edgar Cayce Institute, or A.R.E.. I started the process of soul channeling, or what the Institute term “Soul Writing”. It is a more conscious process than Automatic Writing, as Edgar Cayce counseled that one opens oneself to unknown forces in that process. Here, a sacred space is created. The following is a result of one such session.

Soul Flight

The word “loch” is very clear and I am aware of a high and wild place. I feel an intense spinning sensation, and voices being carried from afar. A clear and low voice says “Swynne” in my right ear. I now see where I am.

It is Scotland, but this one is up and away and just out of reach from now. This is so very long ago, and I do not get a date. I feel this was a time when humanity had no need for time, or calendars. All that was needed was the sun, the weather and the turn of the seasons to know where they stood, breathed, and played their soulʼs Game.

The land is somehow different than it is now. I know this but am not sure why, so I strive to really see and feel my environment. I see what look like tropical trees, the kind that grow in warmer climes than what we know of present-day Scotland. Their branches are heavy with citrus fruit that is a wonderful orange/magenta shade. I can smell the sea and there is the taste of salt in the slight wind. I feel hair blowing across my face, and I realize it is mine!

The Fae

I am a nine year old girl, and I am laughing and shouting. I see another child with me, and this is my best friend. He is about a year older than I, and although he looks quite human, he is not. Some would refer to him as “imaginaryʼ, but I see that he is very real. We are playing our favorite game of “Disappear”. My friend is of the race of The Fae. In my focused personality lifetime of now Iʼve always known about them. They are hardly here at all anymore for all kinds of reasons – mostly consisting of our stupidity and lack of grace.

Even at nine I am in love with this Shining boy.

His skin glows a deep luminescent blue, as does mine. I also had the Great Gift. Some of the Mothers and Aunts whisper that I am part Fae, given how I had glowed like a beacon in the dark ever since I came out of my Dear Mother. There is never a thought of mischief! She is a good, good, wife to dear Father, and their love is strong and true, and it flows in currents for those lucky enough to be in their auras. No, this girl that I am knows that The Fae and humanity are from the same place. . . once upon a time. This explains the glowing blue skin, along with a dwindling number in the clan.

I canʼt hear his name, but he calls me “Swynne” (it sounds like Swinn-uh). . . and then itʼs “Winnie”, which is his nickname for me.

The Grand Elders

Our folk live on the hills, and his live in the hills. This particular day that I see is during the time when we all come together for sacred ceremony: The Sharing of The Wonder of The Breathe (pronounced breath). It is spread over twelve days, and includes the Holy-Time I love most – the Great Tellings Day. This is the pinnacle moment at High Summer. All gather to listen to The Grand Elders tell the stories of their great and wondrous lives. Humans and The Fae remember our past lives vividly, but people have now forgotten so much.

The Wedding

The scene instantly shifts. The boy and the girl are about 6 or seven years older, and they stand together with garlands of flowers being tied around them as they are prepared to express the Wedding Oaths. This is a big, big place weʼre in. I see/feel myself looking up, and then I see the windows high up, with the shafts of light coming down. They have been formed to point into a pool of water when the sun is at midday, and the me who looks at this peers for a closer image. The basin is made of stone in an exquisite spiraling mosaic. It is so beautifully made – and you can just see the Divinity in the beauty of the water and there is the unmistakable fragrance of roses.

My family and my Loveʼs family are with us in this wonderful place. This is no church, because there were not yet any priests! We had heard about priests and priestesses of the lands in the East, from the Tellings of the Elders, but here there were none. In some of the Tellings, they said that our ancestors had come from there in ships , riding high above the waters and landing on our home as we knew it. Weʼd known it for a very, very long time. 

Of Union, Truth and Spirit

Our families stand with us in this place with the high ceilings and the domed roof letting in the shafts of sunlight. All begin to chant in a very harmonic call and response. The leader of the chant is an older woman, my Grandmother. She stands strong and straight. Her white hair is plaited into several braids that are wrapped around her head like a natural royal crown.

I see her daughter, my mother, come towards me as the chant continues. The chant is now very soft. Her Mother Love smile fills my heart, and she lifts up my long dark blond hair and begins to braid it just like her own, and the Grandmotherʼs. This is how I will show myself from now on – when not with my husband.

There are soft good- natured chuckles, and giggles from my smaller sisters.The chant rises up in pitch reaching a harmony that feels to me as if it is directed toward the top of the domed ceiling.
A feeling flows out from the ceiling and all around us. A blessing is real, it is created, and you feel it as honey silver/golden Light particles. They get on your skin, and in your hair, and you feel the blessing inside as it tickles, sweetens and heats up your heart.

His folk are there too, in testament and in celebration. My wedding to this magnificent young son of the Fae Laird is a coming together of two Great Clans in hopes of a future that would show us all more of the Sweet Mystery of The Divine Play.


Conversation With My Self


Thank you for this memory, but I canʼt go on, because this feeling of loss is too much.

Yes, I understand. The bodies were different then, and capable of holding much greater capacities of Godʼs Love.

That is changing back now and I know this. Even though I feel grief and loss, I donʼt believe I experienced anything other than supreme contentment and joy, a very long lifetime in what you’ve shown me. A lifetime of Service by adding to Love and living the nobility of knowing Love in many of its different forms. It was so … magnificent.

Yes. I show this to you so you can be aware that those whisperings and fragments of visions youʼve experienced and are experiencing, are very real.

.Ach! I miss him with a searing pain, my great Love, he came back, didn’t he?


Is he my Twin Flame?

This is most complex, but I want to tell it to you straight: yes and no.

I donʼt understand.

There are Divine Laws that are applicable to Humanity, but Kaiairlagh, for that was his name, was subject to different laws.

This is exhausting me! But please tell me some more about him.

The laws of karma were responsible, the Divine system that had been an attempt to undo the mi- creations made by humans – and others. The karmic laws had served humanity well only up to a certain extent, but, as I said, the Changes have begun. And these Changes are of The Light, and they are Good, and as such they are relentless.

There will come the day when all people will experience the kind of Love that you as Swynne knew in Aenowledland, as it was called. I tell you now that you came to be Queen with Kaiairalogh your King. This was not “English Royal” in the tradition of what you have been taught in the schoolbooks, nor is it the way it has been practiced for many, many eons since.

You as Swynne and he as Kaiairalogh were chosen Queen and King, for the people loved you both and you loved them. Swynne had the Hands of Power, and the other power of the skin of the glowing. Kaiairalogh as King held the Light of the Spirit of all of Earthʼs Elementals. Those far and wide knew of the both of you. This was not a ‘rulershipʼ, as it has come to be known. The term “Stewardship” is closer to what I wish to convey here. There are no words in your language now to give true meaning to the union.

So these memories, these stirrings and visions etc., that have been here with me in this life for as long as I can remember, are truth. I feel a grief that transcends personality and lover, or child, or mother. Our one Heart of Humanity is broken, and we are putting it back together, with Help from Ourselves and better even than before, right? I feel almost on the verge of overwhelm. Almost, but not completely. I want to take some time to let this settle and integrate.

This would be wise.

I do have a couple of questions.


Did I have to come back to this and experience this life?

No. It was – and continues to be – my choice. There is a mystery that involves my DNA and my bloodline that allows me to choose a… mission, if you will, by coming in Love. I am further along this path than you realize. The path of developing my mastery so that by using intention and sacred will, the creation of the appropriate structures and geometries for connection to Whatever and Whoever I choose can be manifested with ease and grace.

And I declare with great Love, that my desire for connection is my Divine motivation. Mysteries and miracles are mine for the taking; they are there to be perceived and experienced in every step, every action, and every thought. The word ‘mysteryʼ after all, refers to that which is hidden, and this would be those marvelous underlying sacred secrets awaiting revelation. I say “Bibi! Look closely into Swynne”.

This lifetime of ours/hers/yours is offered tonight with great purpose for your development, and it is desired that you will expand the information with the intention of remembrance of your embodiment as Swynne. There is a treasure trove of information here for you. This does not mean that you are better than, or less than anyone else. What it does mean is that it is part of your Soul heritage and it fully belongs to you. I desire your highest good. I cherish and love you more than your current state of being is capable of perceiving and absorbing.

Thank you.

I say, “I will leave you now to get some rest”, but in truth I am always with you.

Yes. Thank you. Blessings, and Goodnight.



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