Photo for Sundar and Bibi - 802 AD A barefoot woman dances in India, her magenta skirts swirling around her legs.

Stormy Checkin’ In

The Bibi Blog • Bibi Tinsley Contact I know there are those of you who resonate in a special way with my information. Contact me! I'd love to hear from you! From Contactee to Experiencer, it's been a ride to reach the point where I am now s ...


Soul Diving With Swynnaigh and Kiairalogh


As I was going through chemo in 1999-2000, I had two dreams in which an extraordinary woman appeared. She was stunning: very tall, blonde hair wrapped around her head in one long braid. The energy of physical power she emanated was palpable. 

Imagine a woman with elegant rippling muscles who carries herself as a queen, and you begin to see her.


Mount Washington, Los Angeles April 4, 20147:30 PM

Bibi Tinsley on Galactic Connection: Blasting from 2016

Bibi Tinsley on Galactic Connection
Originally published on Jan 15, 2016 I had a lot of fun when I co-piloted at The Galactic Connection with Alexandra Meadors. Unfortunately, most of the videos were destroyed; however, I was able to rescue a couple of them. Here’s the first, of two. Enjoy! “It is having the effect of stopping the corruption at its root’s frequency dynamic.” Bibi Tinsley and Alexandra Meadors reveal the details of a ceremony that to place on Friday, January 8, 2016. In addition to Alexandra, Marcia Webster was also a participant.


Powerful Teasers From Self

It has been an odd and powerful time since my last post The combined experiences of losing my dog and getting fired pulled me out of my center point. I've experienced a heightened awareness that there is some kind of anomaly afoot. I came to this con ...

Sunrise-Awe 2

The River of Allowance • Be Measured, and Be Focused.

Allow me to what came in earlier this afternoon as The River of Allowance:

The veils are indeed thinning.

Be measured, and be focused.  

This is required in order to navigate these stronger frequencies and move into allowance. 

Be one who operates as a ninja,  putting into application the skills of agility, deftness, and invisibility.

Sit with that idea, that which arises as a flash of inspiration.