The Cauldron Is On The Table 3

There are very strange background noises throughout this…. lol. They sound almost demonic. Uffta. I love ya’ll so much, thank you for these moments. <3
The Bibi Blog
Truly poppity noises! I took out a huge amount, but any additional reduction would make it difficult to understand the voices. I have had my own world turned inside-out and upside-down (again) since we recorded – as @niish knows – and a strong Pluto download is in process. The initial unpacking [Pluto whispers] is to pay attention as more are becoming aware of the demons that have been here all along! Yes, be aware, but make no mistake Darlings, these things are Us!!! Both real/unreal and Mahadevi Shakti has the last laugh. ⤳ ⥈ ♇♄ ♃ ♑︎ ✦ ♥️

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