The River of Allowance


Allow me to share what came in earlier this afternoon as The River of Allowance:

The veils are indeed thinning.

Be measured, and be focused.  

This is required in order to navigate these stronger frequencies and move into allowance. 

Be one who operates as a ninja,  putting into application the skills of agility, deftness, and invisibility.

Sit with that idea, that which arises as a flash of inspiration.

Sit with it for a while, and ask to receive the information as to the best method of expression.

Do not fall back and get caught up in the higher skills you are remembering.

This is a pitfall on the path. and above all,  do not reveal these except when necessary, and only with those within your inner circle. These need care and cultivation – otherwise they easily disappear. This is something the wisdom holders have known and warned about for millennia.

Savor the excitement, yes! Experiment, yes!

All the while knowing that privacy and keeping these things to oneself until fully integrated are the signs of a true master. Utilize them as you deem fit, while maintaining neutrality and integrity,  held within the highest of intentions.

Know how much those who ‘get’ you truly understand and respect and LOVE the immensity of Who you Are. Allow this!

This is crucial on the road to one’s Sovereignty. 

Utilize the great internet tool to research and learn – always with Higher Discernment, and keeping in mind that what you garner is only information… if it resonates, play with it – if it doesn’t, move on. 

Be ever mindful of those you would spend time with, and know it is always a choice.

The river of allowance will carry you to where you never imagined, beyond the edges of your consciousness, when it is allowed to flow.   To forget this is to limit the possibilities. The possibilities are infinite.

The deepest affirmation you seek is only found within you – its name is Allowance.

Patience transforms itself into allowance. With allowance, acceptance grows. With complete acceptance comes the realization, the understanding, and the fullness of experiencing that the destination is present in every moment of this Divine journey.



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One day in August, 1987, now a wife and mother, I awakened to the cacophony of several hundred crows outside my bedroom window, as well as on the roof of my house and... I've been learning their language ever since.

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