After Contact In The Desert


 I returned from Contact In The Desert three days ago.

I left for the desert early evening last Thursday, driving alone, which I love!

I’d had the intention to get up early and leave by noon in order to arrive in Joshua Tree by 2:30-ish, but for some reason the day had different plans, and I didn’t leave the house until after the sun went down. The drive from LA to Joshua Tree at night, once the day’s traffic has lessoned, is an easy trek, and I more or less glided into my booked Motel 6’s parking lot around 9:30. As tired as I felt, it was difficult to sleep. The bed was a fine one for a kitschy motel, so it wasn’t that. No, I felt anticipation along with the full and complete presence of Franklin The Fearless, who passed away on May 6.

Photo of Franklin the Fearless Shih-Tzu

Franklin The Fearless

This was precious.

As much as I expected to continue to be humbled by the massive waves of grief and loss experienced by his transition, I had no idea he was going to energetically show up in the desert! I sensed his joy that I was adventuring, and this gift continues being a great balm and comfort to my soul.

Friday morning I drove over to where the event took place, and stood in a line of happy people who, like me, needed to register. I must report that the overall vibe at Contact In The Desert (CITD from now on) was one of joyful camaraderie. I had flashing moments throughout my three days there that I recognized many people as long lost friends and relatives. No, not from this life. It really was a soul family reunion.

I went with

Drs. JJ  and Desiree Hurtak

and a small group to

The Integratron


I’ve been there before, and this is one phenomenal site!

photo of The Integratron

JJ Hurtak wrote the

Keys of Enoch

, and besides he and his wife each holding multiple degrees, they’re accomplished musicians and singers. I spent a sublime hour in The Integratron’s sound room practicing mantric science and ended up being bathed by the noon sun on my face coming through a porthole at the top of the rounded roof. It was a sublime experience.

There were between three and four thousand people taking part in CITD, but the organizers did a great job, and crowds were never a problem. I spent time with the delightful, brilliant and very, very funny

Laura Eisenhower

I happily heard several panels’ worth of prominent alternative researchers including Linda Moulton Howe, Robert Schoch, Graham Hancock, Brien Foerster, Mike Bara, and Richard Dolan. In spite of mixed feelings I hold about Steven Greer (see

The Night I Disappeared At The Denver Airport

), I bit the bullet and went to his ET contact. There was a great deal of activity in the skies, and it was a spectacularly beautiful night; however, you can’t beat the view from my yard at the top of Mt. Washington in LA!

The night before I left for home I had the opportunity to meet the ‘infamous’

Corey Goode


Nice guy. Down to earth and actually very authentic. I was pleased. I also heard

David Wilcock

speak for over four hours, and was surprised to see first-hand a fine mind at work! Okay, I admit that I’ve been disdainful of him, but his talk went a long way to change my tune.

Corey Goode and Bibi Tinsley at Contact In The Desert 2017

Here I am with Corey

When I got home, I discovered that the brouhaha initiated by Daniel Liszt’s interview of Bill Ryan’s ‘expose’ of Corey Goode before I left was in high gear. It is escalating as I write this.

Dark Journalist and Bill Ryan’s Dark Exploration

I’m including this not because I advocate what Bill Ryan and Dark Journalist are doing, but because I feel it’s important to take everything under consideration. In my world we all agree to disagree with high humor and great respect for one another. Take what resonates, and throw the rest out. In my world we all agree to disagree with high humor and great respect for one another.

This attitude is NOT reflected in the videos below. For those who want a little background, Bill Ryan started the well known Project Avalon Forum, and Corey Goode is a former member. The history of that whole saga is not pretty for any of the participants. The following is my opinion. I’m trying to connect dots, and something doesn’t smell good from the direction of Bill Ryan. Just sayin’. This is a case – truly – of the pot calling the kettle black. (Aside: He denies being a member of The Church of Scientology. He forgot to mention that he IS a practicing Scientologist.) Dark Journalist – and I subscribe to his interviews – is on a kick that makes him look like he’ll never get that broomstick out of his you-know-what!

Ultimately, I feel this is a good thing, because it’s activating many people to really look at where they stand.

Hopefully, a higher level of behavior will ensue. While I was at CITD I was for the most part, blissfully unaware of an attitude out there held by some that is demonizing the culture of the spiritual and consciously aware community. I had intended to write more about this highly polarized and extremely divisive conversation…(

Clarification of Stillness in the Storm and Corey Goode — In the Great Work of Service to All), so I’ll let it lie, at least for now.


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5 years ago

Greetings Rebecca! It’s great to “see” you here. ๐Ÿ™‚ One of the things I loved about CITD were the thousands of like-minded others I got to hang out with! Thanks so much for your kind thoughts as well. Feels wonderful to be appreciated! xoxo

5 years ago
Reply to  Bibi

Hei Bibi – you sent this to me by mistake ! I’m Raili from Soul Gifts ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you’re well. It’s been a while since I’ve visited you. Must fix that!

5 years ago

Thanks Bibi. I am a Rainbow Phoenix member. I missed CITD because I was at Kundalini Yoga Training, but omg, I wanted to go. I am going next year! Did recently go to Free Your Mind in Philadelphia (I am a former LA girl, now living in Connecticut, until my three kids are on their own – then I am back to the desert: cannot wait!). I am just an average joe, following every thing I can get my hands on, in these seemingly fewer hours of the day. I have nothing outrageous to say, except thank you for your creativity, openness, and objectivity. I know almost no one locally who follows this stuff, which is strange to me, considering the intensity of it online. I cannot figure out why my path is not crossing with other like minded ones. Many new agers, but no truthers. Just not my time yet, I guess. THANK YOU!

5 years ago
Reply to  Bibi

Hei Bibi – you sent this to me by mistake ! I’m Raili from Soul Gifts ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you’re well. It’s been a while since I’ve visited you. Must fix that!

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