The Elusive Phenomenon Called the WordPress Portfolio

Hello fellow Earth travelers! I have published my first official attempt at creating the mysteriously elusive phenomenon called the WordPress Portfolio! I think I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I am bound and determined, as a WordPress newbie, to finally see the light, and figure out how to properly configure the confounding Portfolio format! There is more to see of my work, and I do have galleries recently created; however, this Portfolio Mystery is my personal puzzle/challenge for now – and I do love a challenge! I hope you’ll keep coming back to see the progress – or lack of! – on this site.

What is it about WordPress?

There is something comforting about the Admin backend area. When I arrive on my page, I feel that I’ve just entered my pilot’s cockpit for my one-seater cosmic flying machine. No wonder WordPress powers so much of the Internet. I heard a statistic that it is powering twenty-five per cent of the sites in the world. That’s twenty-five percent of the planet! That is mind boggling…
If you know a quick tip about how to easily create portfolios, and actually see the work appear on the published page that you expect to be there, I welcome your input! I would love your input. If you can see my photography here, by all means, enjoy. The Stone People and the Sylphen Hummingbird People are conscious and communicative beings who desire only to Love us, the Human People. They each know when they are being photographed… I have much more to share regarding these things, but for now, I am content to send this outward. To you.  

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3.4kLikes & Subscribers